Tax-Free Retirement Planning

There are several ways to generate tax-free income in retirement and the sooner you start planning for tax-free income the more potential choices you’ll have in retirement. Tax diversification is an important part of our retirement income planning. One of our planning techniques leading up to retirement is to create multiple buckets of assets that all have different tax characteristics.

This creates more flexibility and choice once in retirement. We can’t control what tax rates are or what they will be. This means that if taxes are higher in the future, we will have already prepared by having several different options at our disposal for tax-free income. If taxes are lower in the future, we can accelerate distributions from our tax-infested IRAs and 401ks.

The strategies are different depending on your age, but the big takeaway is to have tax diversification as part of your investment and retirement plan to create choices when it comes to income. This allows you to pivot when the economic or political winds change direction.