• Asset Protection
    Initiating a business is often a risky proposition. Your prized possessions, dreams,
    and labor are put in danger in order to develop a good or service that would aid society and your own financial future.
  • Tax Planning
    We will work to make sure you have the lowest tax possible and comply
    with all your legal obligations
  • Estate Planning
    Estate planning is proposing a way to distribute your estate if you are no longer able to manage it yourself because of disability or your death.
  • Retirement Planning
    Investing in a 401K is a scam promoted by the US government. Social Security funds are paid out to retired workers using taxes from current workers.

50/30/20 Financial Guideline

Many people need help managing their expenses. We recommend using the 50/30/20 method introduced by U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, where spending is divided into three categories:
  • 50% allocated to Needs(e.g., groceries, health care, mortgage/rent)
  • 30% allocated to Wants (e.g., entertainment, shopping, travel)
  • 20% allocated to Savings or paying off debt (e.g., student loans, credit card debt, retirement)
This method works because it prevents overspending while allowing one to enjoy life and prepare for future expenses. However, managing your finances is only efficient once it is all mapped out. Therefore, Avant Tax provides many types of planning for more significant savings

Tax Planning

Around 35% of an average American's lifetime earnings are dedicated to paying taxes. Unfortunately, many need to realize there are approved strategies to reduce the greatest expense in their lives. By thoroughly analyzing your financial standing, our tax professionals can significantly reduce your taxes, making you tax efficient.

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Financial Planning

There are many financial instruments accessible that are known to very few; however, Avant Tax clients are supplied with the best devices available. Our experienced financial planners specially curate to the individual's short-term and long-term goals to build our client's lifelong confidence.

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Retirement Planning

No one can anticipate what will happen in the future, but it is possible to prepare for it. Saving up for retirement does not have to be a headache. First, Avant Tax will classify income and expenses to help you allocate more than enough money to support your retirement. Our approach will reduce risks while also ensuring the least possible taxes.

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Estate Planning

This planning provides a cushion for your loved ones after your passing. Most estates are not coordinated and cause legal burdens on the beneficiaries still recovering from a family death. Assets may not transfer directly, and the government can withhold them as long as needed. We provide the careful estate planning necessary to alleviate the tragedy of one's passing.

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